What is Stage Hypnosis University?

Stage Hypnosis University is a true 21st century online training program that is designed to bring students from having little to no experience to becoming top earning professionals.

The online portion of Stage Hypnosis University consists of over 300 training videos and over 60 hours of content… and is continually growing.

The ongoing training component consists of regular mentoring sessions with Michael C. Anthony. These sessions are designed to propel you forward, motivate you, check your work and get you on the stage… FAST!

What is a Breakthrough Session?

A Breakthrough Session is a phone call or online meeting you can schedule from our website to speak with Michael. The call is free and is designed to help you reach your goals of becoming a Stage Hypnotist.

SHU can only accept a limited number of students per month. If we decide we are a good fit, then great things are about to happen.

We are looking for exciting, coachable people that are ready to dive in. Remember, no experience is necessary. You only need to have a dream and a drive.

The calls are usually about 45 minutes long and are done via Skype or a phone.

We look forward to connecting!

Who is behind Stage Hypnosis University?

The Founder of Stage Hypnosis University is Michael C. Anthony. Michael is a full time touring Stage Hypnotist that has performed around the world in virtually every market. He’s done big shows and small shows alike. He is also The Official Hypnotist for The Illusionists which is the highest grossing magic show in the world.

We also have a wonderful team of assistants that keep things running very smooth.

What will I learn at Stage Hypnosis University?

You’ll learn everything you need and much, much more. From your introduction to selling merchandise, from suggestibility tests to building your show, from the induction to the different markets. Between our online platform and your mentorship with Michael, you will be equipped to quickly become a top earning professional Stage Hypnotist. Part time or full time.

Stage Hypnosis University also has message boards connected to each lesson and a private Facebook page for students only. You will be mentored by an amazing community which includes Michael C. Anthony, other professionals and students just like you.

Where do I study the Program?

You can study it anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a device. Stage Hypnosis University is responsive, which means it will work on your computer, your tablet or your phone. We go where you go.

Your mentoring sessions with Michael take place over Zoom or Skype.

How much money can a Stage Hypnotist make?

It depends on the market in which you are performing. Low fees are generally about $1,500 per show and go well over $10,000 per show.

Of course fees can vary from place to place but a professional Stage Hypnotist that is trained properly gets paid very well.

How do I become a Student of Stage Hypnosis University?

To become a student of Stage Hypnosis University you only need a dream and a drive to get on the stage. Sometimes we are accepting new students and sometimes we close the doors.

We have very limited openings per month. You simply need to watch our free training on our website and then book a Discovery Call to get more information about moving forward.

It is very important to watch our 35 minuet training (aka MasterClass) before the Discovery Call so you have an understanding of the opportunity we offer.

We look forward to connecting. We’ll help you build an exciting new career doing something you love to do!

How much does it cost to enroll in Stage Hypnosis University?

We will discuss pricing options during your Discovery Call.

Stage Hypnosis University is very reasonably priced. Keep in mind that the best is never the cheapest. Our training is vast and you will graduate being fully equipped with a skill that will earn you amazing money over and over and over.

“I didn’t know anything about hypnosis or running a hypnosis business but I knew I needed the right tools and the right mentor. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my training with Stage Hypnosis University.” Mikey Angel

“Michael is an incredible guide. He has been available for me to connect with any time I need. His integrity and empathy as a human being, his skill as a hypnotist and his wisdom as an entertainer who has been doing this for many years, make him an excellent mentor.” Josh Routh